Resolution “New European Bauhaus”

Federal Chamber of German Architects

“The New European Bauhaus will be a driving force to bring the European Green Deal to life in an attractive, and innovative and human-centered way. It will be a movement based on sustainability, accessibility and aesthetics to bring the European Green Deal closer to people. People should be able to feel, see and experience the European Green Deal.”

—Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Resolution of the 93rd Federal Chamber Assembly of the Federal Chamber of German Architects

Bringing quality and skills to the New European Bauhaus

We, the Federal Chamber of Architects, representing the 16 regional chambers of architects with over 135,000 members, enthusiastically welcome the launching of a New European Bauhaus and we offer our full, wholehearted support in the following ways:

  • Providing expert advice on implementing the necessary renovation wave to create a Europe-wide culture of renovation.
  • Finding and supporting outstanding practical examples that illustrate the necessary holistic planning approach.
  • In addition, with our extensive professional network across the entire construction value chain, helping transform the idea of a New European Bauhaus into effective virtual and physical locations.

This is because carefully planned and sustainably built buildings in lively neighbourhoods with attractive open spaces are of fundamental importance for an open and self-determined society. We, who are architects and urban planners of all disciplines, expressly acknowledge our responsibility for the design of the built environment in accordance with the Davos Declaration of 2018 “Towards a high-quality Baukultur for Europe”. Almost all current and future challenges – demographic change and migration, digitalization, mobility transition, climate and resource protection, and in particular the careful and socially responsible use of land – are directly relevant to our professional activities. The focus is always on a holistic planning approach to implement the Paris climate goals and, at the same time, to fulfil the sustainability goals of the United Nations at a high level of building culture. This must be served by the planned renovation wave, the European Green Deal, and the development of an effective circular economy. For us, this means a holistic planning approach that includes:

  • Both the integration of interior space, building, district, urban space, rural area, region, natural space as part of the infrastructure and mobility concept, and thus ultimately equal living conditions; and
  • The entire value chain of construction, starting with the initial feasibility study through planning, construction, building products, supply chains and operation, up through the conversion, modification, or dismantling of works of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning.

Effectively meeting this great responsibility, however, requires holistically oriented training and the professional certification of people who have proven their competence in architecture and urban planning; compliance with high professional ethical standards; and fair and reasonable remuneration.

The New European Bauhaus has the potential to provide practical answers to the social question of how we as modern Europeans intend to live in harmony with nature. In addition, in the spirit of Ursula von der Leyen’s statement, it can help make the 21st century more beautiful and humane.

And therefore, the German architects and urban planners from all disciplines hereby offer their active support in this regard.

Berlin, 4.12.2020
Federal Chamber Assembly
Presidential Board of the Federal Chamber of German Architects

Board of the Federal Chamber of German Architects

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